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"Thank you so much for arranging for (our tutor) to accompany us abroad.  He worked so well with our son, engaging him in his exam subjects and meticulously working through the syllabus until they were both confident of my son’s progress.  My son achieved a series of A* grades, including the highest grade of his year in English, a perfect 100%."




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On Set: Film + TV


When it comes to film and television, Griffin + Bell is well connected. We have plenty of on set experience on our books, and we are relied upon by key players in the industry to recommend professional, dependable tutors who know how to blend in and to perform as and when required.


Victoria Smith, Educational Consultant and Co-Founder, is RADA-trained and has spent much of her professional life onstage and on-camera. She brings this expertise to bear on the work we do at Griffin + Bell.


Whether the student is a child who needs to keep up with their school curricula alongside a period of filming, a director who needs to brush up on their English whilst in shooting in London, or a teenager who is revising for their A-levels on set in the UK or worldwide, we can introduce them to tutors with star power.




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