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When parents approach us to find the best possible tutors for long-term, and often full-time, tutoring and home schooling positions, we are able to provide exceptional candidates via our methodical process and the care and attention to detail we apply to each case. Here are the five key stages of the process.


1. Matthew and Victoria are the co-founders of the company, with over 20 years' private tuition and consultancy work completed between them. One of them will come to visit you wherever you are in the world to get to know you and the student, so that they can understand the situation as fully as possible.


2. An outline of the position, its terms and a salary are agreed.


3. Matthew and Victoria will begin to look for a tutor for you via their extensive network of contacts. The recommended notice period for finding the ideal candidate is six months.


4. Candidates are put forward to the family with CVs and references, and two tutors are chosen for interview. Griffin + Bell makes a contract with the successful tutor and a separate contract with the client. Griffin + Bell charges a fee of 20% of the tutor's fees to the family. All payment to the tutor is made via Griffin + Bell over the course of the placement.


5. Matthew and Victoria are available to discuss any issues or questions with you over the course of your experience with Griffin + Bell.





For more details on the process, please call us at the office and ask to speak to Matthew or Victoria directly, or contact them via the email addresses shown.


You can find out more about Matthew and Victoria here.

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