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Griffin and Bell Education has an in-depth understanding of the UK school and university entrance systems, and we represent a network of tutors who are ready to travel. Arranging for a specialist tutor to come and visit you and your family is a straightforward process, wherever in the world you are based.


Tuition can take place over the short- or long-term. International members keep in regular contact with our office throughout the period of study, for advice on academic queries and logistics.


Residential tuition can be charged by the day, or it can be organised as a salaried contract for placements lasting longer than a few weeks.


There is no typical residential placement. Whether you are looking for a first-class tutor, or a governor or governess, please call the office to find out how the tuition can be tailored to suit your needs.





When appropriate to the student's circumstances, tuition via Skype may be arranged through Griffin + Bell.





Having a tutor accompany you on vacation provides the ideal way for the student to keep up valuable academic progress without sacrificing a well-earned holiday. It also allows for intensive learning before exams or an important project.


We will aim to introduce you to a tutor (or tutors) who can fit their approach around your needs and plans. Whether you are looking for a mentor figure who can become part of the family for a beach or skiing trip, or to book separate hotel accommodation for someone who can provide lessons as well as the space you need to enjoy your break, we believe that we can find the ideal candidate.


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