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Griffin and Bell Education provides bespoke consultancy services to parents who are looking for guidance and advice in a range of academic situations. We work with a network of consultants to ensure that you are always introduced to the person who is qualified to help.

Here are just some of the areas in which we specialise. Please don't hesitate to call us to let us know about your particular situation.


If you need help preparing your child for their school entrance exams, we can advise on everything from the most suitable schools for the student, to the nuances and differences between the exam papers for each school. 

We are always happy to sit down with parents to help them to produce a roadmap of the education system, and a clear strategy to support their educational goals for their children. This sort of planning can be hugely valuable when it comes to understanding the different routes, decision points and outcomes. 

If required, our advice can then be used as a springboard for a tailored course of private tuition which Griffin + Bell can arrange, to ensure that any weaknesses in the student's knowledge and understanding have been covered, and his or her exam technique has matured.

Whether via our school entrance courses, consultancy services, or simply through the attention of effective tutors, our first aim is to bring clarity to a journey that can so often confuse and overwhelm parents, and to open up a clear path ahead.


When required, we can help parents with the whole application process, including the following: contacting schools; finding or registering for occasional vacancies; arranging school tours; completing application forms, letters and personal statements. Do contact us to discuss your needs.


If you are planning to come to live in London or elsewhere in the UK, and you would like to discuss the best way to prepare your child for entrance into the UK school system, please contact us to discuss the ways in which we can help. We can help you to understand the examinations that will take place, we can advise on school selection and we can support with academic preparation. We also work closely with a property consultant who can ensure that your choice of home gives you access to outstanding schools. 


Throughout the course of a student's academic career, all kinds of challenges may arise. Few will be more important than navigating the years leading up to university, and ensuring that the right choices are made. These choices will lay the foundation for the student's future. Griffin + Bell can provide consultation on subject selection, university choices, UCAS forms, work experience and career planning.


Should you need to speak to a specialist or a child psychologist, we can make recommendations to ensure that you have access to the advice and the expertise that you need. We also represent tutors who have experience working with a range of special educational needs, who can provide lasting support for students. If you feel your child is not thriving in the conventional school system, you may be interested to read about our home school services here.

“We asked Griffin + Bell to help prepare our daughter for the UK 11+ exam. Living overseas, Griffin + Bell were able to advise us on the UK curriculum, what to expect in the exam, practice with past exam papers as well as providing guidance on reading lists, study aids and much more. Griffin + Bell have been an invaluable point of contact throughout the 11+ process for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any parent overseas considering tuition for their children.”
— Mother, Colombo, Sri Lanka