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Home Schooling, Worldwide

The beauty of home schooling is that it can be tailored to each student’s – and their family’s – precise needs. Home schooling can help children who are pursuing opportunities in sports, music or the arts to maintain their education. It can support a smooth transition when a family is moving from one location to another. It can allow young people with SEN or health concerns to flourish at their own pace. Academic rigour need not be sacrificed. If desired, it can provide a more holistic and creative way of learning than most schools can offer.

In some cases, particularly with older students, clients prefer to work with multiple subject specialists to put together their own home schooling curriculum. We can also help to arrange this, and ensure all the tutors communicate and work together effectively.

We are able to provide exceptional candidates via our methodical process and the care and attention to detail we apply to each case. Here are the five key stages of the process:

1. Matthew and Victoria are the co-founders of the company, with over 20 years' private tuition and consultancy work completed between them. One of them will come to visit you wherever you are in the world to get to know you and the student, so that they can understand the situation as fully as possible.

2. An outline of the position, its terms and a salary are agreed.

3. Matthew and Victoria will begin to look for a tutor for you via their extensive network of contacts. The recommended notice period for finding the ideal candidate is six months.

4. Candidates are put forward to the family with CVs and references, and two or more tutors are chosen for interview. Griffin + Bell makes a contract with the successful tutor and a separate contract with the client. Griffin + Bell charges a fee of 20% of the tutor's fees to the family. All payment to the tutor is made via Griffin + Bell over the course of the placement.

5. Matthew and Victoria are available to discuss any issues or questions with you over the course of your experience with Griffin + Bell. We offer ongoing consultancy and support to home schooling clients such as: advising on public exams and assessments; supporting with subject choices and re-entry to the school system; arranging cover if there is any disruption to the programme of tuition; attending meetings and ensuring that feedback channels are effective.



For more details on the process, please call us at the office and ask to speak to Matthew or Victoria directly, or you can email Victoria at

You can find out more about Matthew and Victoria here.

“Thank you so much for arranging for (our tutor) to accompany us abroad. He worked so well with our son, engaging him in his exam subjects and meticulously working through the syllabus until they were both confident of my son’s progress. My son achieved a series of A* grades, including the highest grade of his year in English, a perfect 100%.”
— Mother, Hampstead